September 05 2010

Rhodes 2.1 native UI enhancements and RhoSync 2.0 support for Objective C

This was an exciting week of releases all across the product line at Rhomobile. As blogged about last week, RhoHub 2.0 was launched. This is a complete rearchitecture of the original RhoHub product. It allows for use of local IDEs and editors while still getting the benefits of hosted build, collaboration and hosted RhoSync 2.0. It also runs on top of the RhoHub infrastructure for better manageability. RhoSync 2.0 on RhoHub 2.0 is truly suitable for production use in mission critical enterprise apps.

We also just released Rhodes 2.1. Rhodes 2.1 contains some great enhancements for animated transitions and other optimized native UI appearance. The essential change is that we’ve included our own enhancements to JQTouch (which normally doesn’t work too well on Android) within Rhodes (and Rhodes-generated scaffold apps).

Rhodes 2.1 also contains several enhancements for our enterprise and industrial app customers. These include barcode reading and signature capture (very useful for field service and inventory applications). It also contains several enhancements for iPhone 4.0 including better support for running in a multitasked environment.

Finally we now provide the benefits of the world’s most scalable mobile sync server, RhoSync 2.0, to Objective C developers. This includes a sample app inside the new RhoSync-Client project (on our github repo) that shows how RhoSync is used in Objective C. We will be providing support for JavaScript clients as well soon, which will allow RhoSync to be used from any app on any smartphone whether or not that app was written with Rhodes (using JavaScript support in the browser components).