October 13 2011

Motorola Solutions Acquires Rhomobile and RhoElements Version 1 Launched

We are proud to announce that Rhomobile has been acquired by Motorola Solutions (MSI).  For those who are not familiar with MSI, this is the part of the original Motorola that focuses specifically on solutions for businesses and governments.  All Rhomobile products will continue to be sold and supported globally.  Rhodes will continue to be [...]

October 06 2011

More about RhoConnect

It’s one thing when we talk about how much time, code, and problems are saved using RhoConnect — it’s another when a customer validates it publicly. Solid Innovation is a successful and established company that provides route accounting systems, allowing mobile invoicing and inventory control for store distribution with everything fully integrated into the backend [...]

October 03 2011

Rhodes approach of NATIVE smartphone apps written with web standards validated

Recently Nitobi (the company behind PhoneGap) announced that they had been acquired.    Congratulations to Andre Charland, Brian Leroux, and the rest of the PhoneGap team.   We have always said that if you don’t need the data synchronization, Model View Controller pattern, industrial capabilities such as realtime barcode and NFC, and broadest device support [...]

September 23 2011

“hybrid applications” and Rhodes

As most of you know Rhodes was created to enable building native smartphone applications using web development skills: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby and the general modern Model View Controller pattern.   We often get the question “oh, so you build hybrid apps“.   While frameworks that you let write HTML and still end up with [...]

September 13 2011

Zero Source Code Mobile App Integration: Announcing RhoConnect 3.0!

Rhomobile has always been focused on providing a modern open and standards-based way to mobilize enterprise apps. The first product we offered for that was Rhodes, an open source framework which makes it easy to build native smartphone apps using your web skills. But we also offered RhoSync, a modern mobile sync server that synchronizes [...]

July 29 2011

Having Native Apps and HTML5 Together

HTML5 is an answer, but not the answer. The debate about native apps versus browser-based apps is like a technology version of the pundits on cable TV. In this case, though, only one side is shouting – users have already decided that native apps are their overwhelming preference. The InfoWorld article, “Will HTML5 Kill the [...]

July 21 2011

eWeek names Rhomobile a top 10 startup to watch

It’s one thing to be named a top mobility vendor by an IT publication — it’s another to be there with two companies like Four Square and Square. eWeek is on top of the key trends in enterprise mobility, including the move toward “bring your own device.” It’s thinking is also now well beyond “write [...]

May 24 2011

“the sensors are coming” – why it will more and more be about native apps

The New York Times just discussed the coming generation of new smartphone sensors.: altimeters, heart monitors, temperature and humidity sensors, and even mood detectors. While we at Rhomobile are very excited about Rhodes allowing use of web skills (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, and MVC) to write smartphone apps, we have always pointed out that usage [...]

May 19 2011

The Evolution of NFC

As many of you know by now, we at Rhomobile are very excited about Near Field Communications. We see NFC as the single most important innovation in mobility since the creation of the modern smartphone as exemplified by the first iPhone. NFC on modern smartphones will finally usher in the age of the “Internet of [...]

May 11 2011

Rhodes 3.0 Released! – Windows Phone 7, NFC, and RhoStudio with most advanced mobile debugger

We are very excited to announce the release of Rhodes 3.0. Rhodes 3.0 includes support for Windows Phone 7, which, as most of you know is a completely different operating system than Windows Mobile. Rhodes is the first smartphone framework to support Windows Phone 7. Silverlight is still the “official” way to write Windows Phone [...]