December 09 2010

Ruby for the Enterprise is Taking Off

When we first put out Rhodes two years ago it was the first “smartphone app framework”. Rhodes provides a Model View Controller architecture for your smartphone apps (the only smartphone framework with MVC). You write your Views in HTML and your business logic (Controllers) in Ruby. To do this of course we had to implement [...]

December 03 2010

security in enterprise smartphone apps

Smartphone usage has exploded over the last couple of years. And its usage has been with a different architecture than the past fifteen years of information technology has used. Specifically smartphone app usage is dominated by NATIVE apps not web apps. This pushes computing back to the edge as opposed to centralized processing done by [...]

December 01 2010

CSS/JavaScript web toolkits

There are now at least five major CSS/JavaScript web toolkits on the market, focused on building mobile web apps that look native on iPhone and Android. These include jQTouch, Sencha, JQuery Mobile, IUI, SproutCore/Strobe. Occasionally we have been getting questions about whether these toolkits are competitive with Rhodes. Actually they are only complementary to Rhodes. [...]