October 19 2009

building smartphone apps – the alternatives

Smartphone apps are the most exciting trend in computing since the advent of web apps. How do you as a developer take advantage of this? More generally, how do you do that and get maximum reach for your app across the diversity of smartphones out there. If you’re writing a consumer app you can get [...]

October 13 2009

best practices in smartphone business apps

Friday I’m speaking at the Mobile 2.0 conference in Mountain View. The topic is “iPhone for Business”, which, if I took the topic literally, raises many issues about distribution and maintenance of smartphones in the enterprise. But I’m really just going to focus on the narrower issue of “iPhone apps for business”: how do you [...]

October 07 2009

“web development skills to build native smartphone apps” – the ruling trend

Yesterday RIM announced their Widget SDK. We’re excited about about this at Rhomobile because it is further validation of the strategy to utilize developer’s web skills to build great native apps. We often find ourselves having to explain “yes – it does let you write your interface in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. No – it’s [...]