September 22 2009

the first mobile Ruby

Our open source framework Rhodes contains the first implementation of Ruby for every major smartphone operating system: iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Symbian. The primary benefits of the Rhodes framework are: the productivity and portability enabled by writing interfaces in HTML once (and compiling to native smartphone apps), access to device capabilities from a [...]

September 12 2009

the enterprise smartphone server

Rhodes is a great option for allowing developers to write their smartphone apps one time and have them run natively on all devices. After being out for a while several competitors emerged and now we have a product category known as the “smartphone app framework”, with several participants. We believe that our first mobile Ruby, [...]

September 07 2009

use your web dev skills to build NATIVE smartphone apps

I’ve been speaking at a lot of Ruby conferences over the past few months (almost every one). The attendees of these conferences are almost all web developers. They see that the big growth opportunity in software today is writing native smartphone apps (not mobile web apps, a category that the App Store has basically killed [...]