January 26 2009

mobile enterprise apps continue to be brightspot in the technology industry

As reported by InfoWorld and many others, Evans Data just announced their survey of 400 commercial app developers which shows that “94 percent of corporate developers expect development of wireless enterprise applications to either increase or stay the same in the coming year”. And this is all against the backdrop of the stunning complexity and [...]

January 24 2009

the utter death of the “mobile web”

At Rhomobile we are obviously believers that the way to interact with enterprise app data is with synced local data. Just like nobody does their email over a mobile browser, neither does anyone work with their business applications over a mobile browser: its all about local apps for either email or business apps. But at [...]

January 21 2009

The Upcoming 1.0 Release – What’s In A Number?

Many people have asked us “how come your product is not numbered 1.0 or greater?”. Or “does the fact that its not numbered 1.0 or greater mean that it’s buggy?”. The answer is that the early 0.x releases just indicate a subset of our initial planned functionality. Certainly there are issues with the software outstanding. [...]

January 13 2009

The Mobile Application Development Challenge

Today we announced our Rhodes app building contest, the Mobile Application Development Challenge: $10000 for the best mobile app! We are excited about unleashing the creativity of mobile developers and seeing the great things that they can build with Rhodes. While we have several commercial developers using our product now, we want more sample apps [...]

January 08 2009

Palm Pre announced.

The Palm Pre was finally formally announced today. It looks like a great device: the power of the touchscreen iPhone with a slideout keyboard. It will also be interesting to see just how Nova builds on Linux and diverges from LiMo. If the device is nearly as good as it looks, it’s very likely that [...]

January 06 2009

Rhodes 0.2 Released!

Hard on the heels of last month’s 0.1 release, today we are announcing the 0.2 release of Rhodes, our framework for building mobile applications. The big new features in release 0.2 is Symbian support. With all the press about iPhone and Android, Symbian is still the world leader in installed based of devices. I love [...]

January 05 2009

a six horse race: Palm to debut Nova on Thursday

According to Crunchgear Palm will unveil their new smartphone OS and device, codenamed Nova, on Thursday at the Consumer Electronics show. It will be a touchscreen device with a slideout keyboard, but one that is portrait oriented. Device diversity in both form factor and platform continues apace. As others have pointed out, smartphone industry is [...]

January 02 2009

eWeek’s Top 10 Application Development Stories of 2008

We really enjoyed eWeek’s Daryl Taft’s top 10 application development stories of 2008, particularly item 3: 3. Mobile app development gets huge Android, Windows Mobile, iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian, name your platform. Mobile app development is where the action is. The next step is making it easier to build apps that run on more than one [...]