December 28 2008

challenges of mobile complexity

While mobile developers tell us all the time about their challenges creating rich native applications for dizzying array of smartphone operating systems out there today, the phenomenon seems remarkably underreported in the wider information technology press.

December 28 2008

smartphones under $100

Refurbished iPhones are now available for under $100. With the iPhone at $199, the Google G1 at $179 and various Windows Mobile devices such as the Blackjack II available for less, you assume that its just a matter of months before the standard is under $100. We would guess that this means yet another acceleration [...]

December 27 2008

the end of the OS

InfoWorld’s Neil McAllister comments on the recent trend of Rich Internet Application platforms such as Adobe Air and JavaFX making the operating system irrelevant. This is certainly happening for desktop applications. It hasn’t quite happened yet for mobile device operating systems, yet with five major mobile device operating systems the need is so much greater. [...]

December 21 2008

Nokia provides more validation of the “local mobile web server” approach

Was very pleased to Nokia releases final Mobile Web Server Beta. This is effectively a final release of currently planned features – i.e. they are “done” for now. Great stuff. Of course the “local mobile web server” is the approach that Rhodes takes, but of course we offer it on all smartphone platforms. Its a [...]

December 18 2008

iPhone as a business tool

As reported by Clint Boulton in eWeek, Forrester Research published a report recent that says that iPhone penetration will reach 10% in Small to Medium Businesses. This contradicts some pundits who dismiss the iPhone as a business tool. If you’re a developer of enterprise apps, its hard to still keep ignoring the iPhone.

December 17 2008

Consumer Reports publishes top smartphones – operating system diversity is here to stay

As reported by IntoMobile, Consumer Reports just released their top rated smartphones: 1. Samsung Blackjack II (AT&T) – score: 69 (out of 100) 2. T-Mobile Wing – score: 66 3. Motorola Q 9c (Verizon) – score: 65 4. T-Mobile Shadow – score: 65 5. Pantech Duo (AT&T) – score: 63 6. AT&T Tilt – score: [...]

December 14 2008

AGPL becoming acceptable to software developers?

There’s a recent article/interview on with Funambol’s CEO about the desirability of AGPL for software that may be used by a service. For clarification the Affero Gnu Public License (AGPLv3) closes the infamous “ASP loophole” and says that just having your software embedded in a service accessed only over the Internet (e.g. embedded in [...]

December 13 2008

Even more mobile device OS diversity

Palm is expected to take the wraps off their new OS, codenamed Nova, at the CES show this week. Its not news of course that Palm is building a new OS. What IS news is that details are going to be presented so soon. As mentioned, mobile operating systems continue to diversify at a dizzying [...]

December 10 2008

Where are all the Android apps?

Venture Beat had an interesting article asking where all Android apps are? I think its not such a mystery and its not a huge indictment of Android. There are five major smartphone operating systems with a future: iPhone, RIM, Windows Mobile, Android and Symbian (notice I didn’t mention Palm or LiMo). For anyone who does [...]

December 08 2008

More me too Android phones

At Rhomobile we love device diversity (what others call “fragmentation”). So we’re rooting for Android. It was a big disappointment to me that the G1 is pretty much an inferior product (at least from the perspective of hardware and specs) to other devices with similar form factors, such as the AT&T HTC Fuze, running Windows [...]